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Topics Hebrew Word Studies Hebrew Words for "Image" By Jeff A. Benner. There are four different Hebrew words that can be translated as image or likeness; צלם (tselem as in Genesis 1:26), דמות (demut as in Genesis 1:26), פסל (pesel as in Exodus 20:4) and תמונה (temunah as in Exodus 20:4) צלם (tselem). This word is derived from the parent root צל (tsal) meaning a shadow.

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Frasa "menurut gambar dan rupa Kita" sebagai rancangan Allah menciptakan manusia dalam Kejadian 1: 26-27 telah menghasilkan distingsi dalam perdebatan akademik. Frasa ini menjadi doktrin kemanusiaan "Tselem Demuth" hampir di seluruh gereja. Melalui doktrin "Tselem Demuth" gereja-gereja membangun pengertian keselamatan di dalam Yesus Kristus akibat kejatuhan manusia ke dalam dosa.

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Pendahuluan. Tselem dan demuth adalah dua konsep yang memiliki makna yang cukup dalam dalam agama Yahudi. Dalam bahasa Ibrani, tselem berarti 'gambar' atau 'citra', sedangkan demuth berarti 'kesamaan'. Sejak zaman dahulu, kedua konsep ini memegang peranan penting dalam kehidupan umat Yahudi sebagai dasar pemahaman mengenai manusia.


The word image in Hebrew is tselem which means an outward display. It is not so much speaking of two hands, two legs, a face with eyes a nose and mouth. God is a Spirit he does not have legs, arms, face eyes and a mouth. But an outward display or a tselem could be a display of emotion, creativity, imagination and thought processes.

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Kejadian 1:26 dituliskan bahwa manusia diciptakan sesuai gambar "tselem" dan rupa "demuth" Allah, sebenarnya kedua kata tersebut digunakan hanya untuk memberi penekanan, bukan dua arti yang berbeda.

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Tselem (image) is used, also, of the images of idols. Demuth (likeness) is largely used in relation to God, by Isaiah, and in relation to cherubim, by Ezekiel. - Nigel J. Aug 11, 2020 at 12:59.. Dan Watson Dan Watson. 1 1 1 bronze badge. 1. 1. Your answer could be improved with additional supporting information.

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Also, the LXX translates demuth at Genesis 5:1 not by the usual homoiōsis but by eikōn, the Greek counterpart for Hebrew tselem. 2 Trench argues that eikōn and homoiōma may be used as equivalents (and cites Plato, Phaedr. 250b as proof), the words being used interchangeably to identify earthly copies and resemblances of heavenly bodies. 3 A.

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I suggest there is a clear distinction between the two words tselem and demuth as used in the Bible.. of some kind, such as - man, lion, expanse, throne, sons of man (Dan. 10:16). 14. Ezekiel 1:28, the appearance of the surrounding radiance. Such was the appearance of the likeness (demuth) of the glory of God.

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Demuth (demut) n. kehormatan, kemuliааn; ketertarikаn dan keterpujian: Tselem (Heb "imаge") is a term found in the Bible to denote the material form of а humаn being or an аnimal. It is derived from tsalem, "to shаde," and hence refers to the shadow cast by а body. The term is first used to describe mаn as God's imаge (Gen.

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צֶ֫לֶם noun masculine Ezekiel 16:17 image (something cut out, compare מֶּסֶל; Nö 'Schnitzbild'); — ׳צ absolute Psalm 39:7, construct Genesis 1:27 +; suffix צַלְמוֺ Genesis 1:27; Genesis 5:3, צַלְמֵנוּ Genesis 1:26, צַלְמָם Psalm 73:20; plural construct צַלְמֵי 1 Samuel 6:5 (twice in verse) +, suffix צְלָמָיו 2 Kings 11:18; 2Chronicles 23:.

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Identity Theft (5) Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky . . .". Genesis 1:26 NASB. Likeness - If tselem provides the vital connection between God's actions and our existence as humans, then why add the second word demuth.

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The popular camp song by Dan Nichols tells us, "When I reach out to you and you to me, / We become betzelem Elo[k]im." The phrase, however, should be juxtaposed with the Hebrew word demut, "likeness." Arthur Green (Ehyeh: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow) writes that tselem "refers to our hardwiring…[our] soul of a spark of divinity that is.

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Why is tselem demuth superior to min? (Matt.6:25; 10:29-31) "Demuth defines and limits the meaning of tselem." (Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament; vol.1, pg.192) This lesson will study five aspects of Image according to Likeness. 1. In Gen.1:26, the writer used both image (tselem) and likeness (demuth) to describe the DNA of the

Daniel Demuth Property Specialist Rexel Germany GmbH & Co. KG XING

Kata-kata yang digunakan untuk gambar dan rupa didalam teks asli Alkitab yaitu dalam bahasa Ibrani adalah tselem dan demuth. Tselem hendak menunjuk gambar dalam arti unsur-unsur dasar yang dimiliki Allah juga dimiliki manusia yaitu pikiran, perasaan, kehendak, kekekalan dan hakekat kerja. Adapun Demuth adalah keserupaan yang menunjuk kepada.

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Another bit of evidence which points to the interchangeability of these two words is that in Genesis 5:1 and 9:6, only one word is used to denote the image, demuth, in 5:1 and tselem in 9:6. The Septuagint translators perceived what was happening here and accordingly translated both demuth and tselem in the texts by the one word eikōn. Finally.