Transferrin, Acute Phase Protein

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Perbedaan yang jelas dari mereka, feritin dan transferin adalah feritin adalah protein yang menyimpan zat besi dalam darah sedangkan transferrin adalah protein yang dapat bergabung dengan feritin dan berpindah ke tempat pembentukan sel darah baru. Referensi: 1.Bailey, Regina. "Protein di dalam Sel." ThoughtCo, 13 November 2019, Tersedia di.

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This minimizes confusion with another value, iron-binding capacity, which is used when determining a patient's iron status. The reference range for transferrin saturation is as follows [ 1] : Male: 20-50%. Female: 15-50%. Next: Interpretation. Transferrin saturations of less than 20% indicate iron deficiency, while transferrin saturations of.

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Transferin adalah protein dalam darah yang mengangkut zat besi ke seluruh tubuh. Memeriksa berapa banyak zat besi dalam protein transferin dapat memberi tahu dokter jika seseorang memiliki terlalu banyak, atau terlalu sedikit zat besi dalam darahnya. Sementara itu, TIBC mengukur seberapa baik protein transferin mengangkut zat besi ke seluruh.

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1. Introduction. Transferrin (Tf) is an iron-binding protein that facilitates iron-uptake in cells. Iron-loaded Tf, also known as holo-Tf, binds to the Tf receptor (TfR) and enters the cell through clathrin-mediated endocytosis [].Two types of Tf receptors exist, TfR1 and TfR2 [].TfR2 is a close homologue of TfR1 showing 45% identity in the extracellular domain [].

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Transferrin, Acute Phase Protein

Transferin. Transferin, Human. Transferin, TF adalah glikoprotein yang termasuk ke golongan serum globulin -ß1 [1] yang berfungsi sebagai pengusung ion zat besi di dalam sirkulasi tubuh menuju hati, limpa dan sumsum tulang. [2] Gen transferin terletak pada kromosom 3q21. Transferin diproduksi oleh hati dan kelebihan zat ini akan dibuang.


Transferrin is a protein that binds iron and transports it throughout the body. It is the main iron carrier in the blood. When you have enough transferrin, your body can effectively use the iron you get from your diet [ 1, 2 ]. Transferrin levels increase with iron deficiency. When iron is low, your body will try to compensate by making more.

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Transferrin Definition. Transferrin is a crucial glycoprotein that shuttles iron in the blood. It would be an understatement to say that iron is vital for most life-sustaining processes. Transferrin has become an important biomarker for good health in the clinical setting, as it can reveal if a patient has functional iron depletion.

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Transferrin is an 80 kDa iron transport protein that exists in plasma at a concentration of 25-45 μM, a value in excess of the sum of all the coagulation proteins and inhibitors. 1 Transferrin is produced in the liver, semen, and cerebrospinal fluid. Although transferrin-bound iron accounts for <1% of total iron in the body, transferrin is the most vital protein involved in iron metabolism.

Transferrin, Acute Phase Protein

Full size image. Transferrin is an 80 kDa iron transport protein that exists in plasma at a concentration of 25-45 μM, a value in excess of the sum of all the coagulation proteins and.

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When systemic levels of iron are low within the body, the liver produces transferrin to help regulate iron levels. Transferrin is a blood plasma glycoprotein that helps with the uptake, possession, and transportation of iron(III) throughout the circulatory system of various vertebrates. 1 Even though transferrin is found in different vertebrates including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians.

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Jumlah normal zat besi yang ada dalam serum (terikat pada transferin) adalah 11 hingga 32 mol / L (60 hingga 178 g / dL). Kadar transferin yang normal adalah 1,88 - 3,41 g/L (188 - 341 mg/dL). Pada keadaan defisiensi besi terjadi peningkatan kadar transferin. Peningkatan kadar transferin dan fakta bahwa ada kekurangan zat besi berarti bahwa.

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Transferrin, protein (beta1 globulin) in blood plasma that transports iron from the tissues and bloodstream to the bone marrow, where it is reused in the formation of hemoglobin. Found fixed to the surface of developing red blood cells, transferrin frees iron directly into the cell. Human beings

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Transferrins are glycoproteins found in vertebrates which bind and consequently mediate the transport of iron (Fe) through blood plasma. They are produced in the liver and contain binding sites for two Fe 3+ ions. Human transferrin is encoded by the TF gene and produced as a 76 kDa glycoprotein.. Transferrin glycoproteins bind iron tightly, but reversibly. . Although iron bound to transferrin.